Universe’s Big Joke.

5am and I am sleepless so I take out my scholarship applications
and hunt down my certificate copies
but I am missing a leaving school certificate
so I take to the stack again (again)
but what I find is one of yours.
And I stare at it for so long
trying to figure out what is going on
because I have never seen it
and I don’t remember ever taking it.
The universe is playing tricks on us,
or maybe it’s just me.

I wonder if this will be
the story of my life,
you take me home,
and you drive all night to keep me warm.
The universe is playing tricks
when it tosses you in my path
whenever I least expect it,
and maybe it might mean
nothing much to you
but I am beginning to invest in divine intervention.

I know you aren’t the one for me
and you know it better than me,
but the universe puts you at the gate
four years ago, when I try to climb it with a long skirt
and the barb wire caught.
It puts you at that party after most of the people left
and we talked a little about nothing
and I thought we would never really know each other
and didn’t even care,
but there was an incriminating photo of me
feeding you ice cream
that I thought nothing of until it came back
to haunt me two years later.
It puts you in my tuition class,
and you next to me one day.
It puts you on the roads when I went out to jog.
It puts you on the deliberate line to
chase after me when I am angry,
the words in song that you sing in my ear,
the kindness in your eyes,
and the love I feel when I look at you in me.

It puts the careless tone in your words,
it puts your no’s in your maybe’s and your yes’
straight through my thawing heart.
It puts the arrogance in you that you never mean,
that shyness you conquer every time,
the gap between us in family, tradition and religion.

It puts you in the car when I had a bump in the road
and it puts you in the driver’s seat afterwards,
hand across my face and taking me home.
And it puts you taking me home many times,
when I am walking in the dark
and you show up out of nowhere,
on motorcycles and in cars,
in the punch of life, universe’s big joke.


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